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about this journal
My Journal is used for current rambleings, talking about my day, doing memes, posting music, talking about my recent obsessions which change a lot... I'm very Fickle.


About me...
My name's Lynsey but I get called Lynz or Linny I'm 26 and I'm from Manchester. I was born with a rare heart condition so my mind is more of a 16 yrold than a 26 yrold. I don't have a job and probably never will. I'm disabled so it inables me to work. Although I'd love to be a writer since I have tons of ideas for stories but whenever I start a story I tend to mess up and have to start again. I hate anyone seeing my stories I've not even shown my parents, i guess it's just the fear ofbeing criticized. I'm no good with

I tend to update about health problems, memes and music/tv stuff, family issues, obsessions and I'll only add a person if we have more than 3 things in common.

Some of My Interests
My Family, My Friends, Music, TV, Films, Memes, Writing, Reading,Shopping, Arts & Crafts, Photography, Cooking, Psychology, The Unexplained, Ghost Stories, Road Trips, Animals, Coke, Food, Facebook..

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